Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Quiet Book – Crayon and Paper Pad Page (Double Page)

One of the pages that I saw and loved was the crayon and paper pad page from The Long Thread. I liked this idea because it would encourage the child’s imagination to create something.

I also liked this idea because it seemed very simple and straight forward, which will be nice since most of the other pages I want to make require a bit more work.

I took an adorable fat quarter that I got from Len’s Mills and cut it to a width of 8 ½”. I then cut out three, 2 ½” strips, which will be used to hold crayons, and one 6” piece that will be used to hold the paper pad.

I positioned the three strips to one page and sewed them on used a blue thread and a zigzag stitch, to make it a bit more fun for a young boy.

On a second page, mirror image to the first, I attached the paper pad pocket, again using the blue thread and zigzag stitch.

I purchased a small pack of crayons and a pad of paper, and this double page was complete.

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