Monday, 2 July 2012

Quiet Book – Caterpillar Page (Single Page)

I found this page at Apron Girls. It is a fun page that helps to develop motor skills, with each circle of the caterpillar’s body able to attach and detach from the page. The body pieces are attached to the page with snaps.

To make this page, I drew an outline on the page in chalk and painted the leaves and branches. 
To make the caterpillar, I used a large circle punch to punch out the pieces for the body and head. I then painted the circles green, except for the head, which I painted blue and put a face on for contrast. 

Once each piece was dry, I attached a snap onto the back with a hot glue gun and let it cool. You could also sew on the snaps.

I then laid out the caterpillar on the page, and marked where I wanted the other half of the snap to be placed. I attached the other half to the page with hot glue, but you could also sew the pieces on. 

To store the body pieces when not in use, I made a small pouch out of felt that resembled a cocoon and sewed in onto the page, hanging under the branch.

I also decided last minute to include a small butterfly which can emerge from the cocoon and fly away.

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