Thursday, 24 May 2012

Custom Built Purse - Making the Cover Flap

To make the cover flap for your bag (my bag is a messenger bag), measure the length that you would like your flap to be. I measured from where I will be attaching it on the back, over the top opening (which the flap will cover) and down to the point I would like the flap to end on the front.

Cut out two pieces of fabric and two pieces of interfacing, the length that you measured above and the same width as your bag. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong sides of your fabric pieces.

This was the first time I added piping to a project and in my mind, it was super easy, all you had to do was put the piping between the fabrics, and sew along the edge. I finished half, turned the fabric right side out and was horrified by how badly it had turned out. The piping was sticking out too far from the seam, and I could see the stitching on the piping. I went on to Pinterest, and looked at my tutorial list, which had the following tutorial on how to work with piping. It helped big time.

Once I had removed my original stitching, I restarted the way the tutorials show me. Works way better. The only thing I can tell you is to take your time in your stitching. It may take longer, but you will definitely get better results. If you are like me and have a petal to the metal mentality, limit the stitching speed of your machine, so that your foot doesn’t “accidentally” push the pedal harder.

I decided to add a little something extra to my cover flap, a little embroidery in the center at the bottom of the front. I did this with my sewing machine, which has an embroidery function. I found the design online at, set up the machine and let it go. This is a really cool feature of my machine and saves me a lot of time since I don’t have to embroider by hand.

Once the embroidery was done, I added the ‘inside’ flap of fabric, and sewed it together. I turned it right side out to make sure that the piping was all attached correctly. If there are a couple of spots that are a bit further from the piping rope than you would like, just re-sew that section.

Cut out a piece of batting to the size of your flap and sew onto the wrong sides of the fabric. Trim the excess.

Turn flap right side out.

Fold over open end twice, so the unfinished edge doesn’t show on your work and attach to desired location. Make sure to reinforce your stitch.

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