Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Baby Shower for Melissa

Recently, my friends and I planned a shower for our friend Melissa. She is due at the beginning on June. I figured I would show off some of the photos of the super awesome cake that we made, as well as some of the food that we slaved over to make.

Tara found a photo of a baby bottom cake on the internet and decided that we had to make it, so the day before the shower, we got together and molded the baby bottom and legs out of Rice Krispy treats, coated in buttercream icing and covered with fondant. 

Then we placed it on the cake and Voila! Our cake was done. It didn’t take us nearly as long as we thought it would.

Top of the cake that we cut off and ate.


I also made two kinds on individual monkey bread. Monkey bread is normally a type of bundt cake, with small balls of bread dough are stuck in the bundt pan with butter and sugar and cinnamon, or other combination of flavours and then baked. Once the bread is done, people are able to easily pull off the individual balls. I decided to make mine in muffin tins, with three dough balls to each muffin space.

The first type that I made was the Pillsbury Spinach Dip Pull-Apart Bread, found here.
It was a huge hit.

The other type I made was a cinnamon and sugar monkey bread, the recipe for which was found here. It was by far the easier one to make, since all I had to do was roll the dough into circles and put in the muffin tins. These were also a big hit.

Other food included mini quiche, sausage rolls, brownies, a fruit tray, cinnamon bun cookies, ice cream cake, pizza and punch.

One week after the the party, Melissa was admitted to the hospital with preeclampsia, and the baby was born at 36 weeks. Everyone is doing really well, Baby M just has to put on some weight (3 lb 15 oz at birth) and then everyone can go home.

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