Friday, 18 May 2012

Something Fun and Easy for Spring

I’m sure most people have made these as kids, or a really hot day at the office. They are really simple to make, you simply take a piece of paper and make a number of folds in the paper. At the end, it sort of resembles an accordion.

Back in March, we had some crazy hot weather, it was over 25 degrees and sunny. That’s something for southern Ontario, since last year I was able to go skiing at that time. Because of the temperature control of our office building, the heat was still on and everyone was trying to find different ways to cool down. Mine was to make a paper fan. It worked really well, but as I kept it above my monitor over the next couple of weeks, it bothered me that it w2as just plain white. My desk is bland enough without extra help, so I took it upon myself to figure out a better solution.

I took six sheets of 12”x12” scrapbook paper, 3 of one design and three of another design.

I sewed them all together with my sewing machine

Then I folded the paper and wrapped the bottom to form a handle with some scrap yarn that was lying around.

A very easy solution, but one that makes a huge impact on my desk, and helps to brighten up my mood an those very, very long days.

Some Other Things I’ve made for my desk.

Origami Dodecahedron – this origami pattern was one of my favorite a few years back, I made a bunch for myself, a couple as presents (with pictures in the holes) and I even made it one of the challenges in a family survivor contest the night before my cousin’s 2006 wedding. My family really, really appreciated me throwing that in the mix (I don’t think a single one of the 6 teams actually completed the dodecahedron and most teams gave up). Also in this photo, Honeybee Mascot for Cheerios – This was from my team’s costume for our office’s indoor volleyball (with a beachball) contest last summer. I won’t mention how we did, but we had a blast losing.

Dolphin Cross Stitch & Butterfly Cross Stitch – Some things I made back in highschool, but they are so cute and I love them.

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  1. i love the fan, a friend of mine gave me some extra large paper she decorated with various stamping and inking techniques. i wasn't sure what to do with it and making a fan was perfect. the fact that its 104 degrees outside was also an added inspiration to make a fan. i really liked the added yarn at the bottom, i always have yarn around the house, i thought about using ribbon as well.