Friday, 17 February 2012

Custom Built Purse - Choosing the Fabric

In my post of Wednesday, I explained the first step to making your custom purse, determining the function of you bag and making a basic design.

The next step to making a bag is to decide what fabrics you want to use. I have chosen the following fabrics, the black oval fabric for the Main outside, the striped pattern is for contrast of the outside, the tree pattern is for the inside the zippered pockets and the Asian black work pattern is for the lining of the bag and the inside pockets.

You can use as many or as few different fabrics as you want, just make sure that you purchase enough yardage of each fabric, because the store may be out of that fabric by the time you realize that you are short.

I got 1 meter of the striped and the tree, 1.5 meters of the black oval and 2 meters of the Asian black work, but I am planning to make a large bag. To figure out how much fabric I needed, I figured out the approximate length of my bag, and ordered 3 times the amount of main outside fabric (0.5 meter length x 3 = 1.5 meters), 2 times the amount of outside contrast fabric, 2 times the amount of zippered pocket fabric and 4 times the amount of lining fabric. I will have some leftover fabric, but having completed my lining, I only have less than a quater a meter of the Asian black work fabric left, so I am happy with how my calculation has worked out. If you have to much fabric left over, you can make a wallet, a lunch bag or maybe a small mini-me purse for a daughter.

Here is a little teaser for next time, how to make different a number of different pockets for the inside of the bag.

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